Friday, December 08, 2006

it's official, bush is a DUMBASS!

well, the Iraq study group hath spoken, and he is still in the White House, babbling about victory.
Console yourself with laughter, get my friend's book and giggle until the next election, or hopefully, the next impeachment.


Brian said...

Ughh!!! I STILL haven't come to a conclusion as to how I feel about this report. I agree with many of the findings, intrigued by a couple, and whole-heartedly disagree with others. Baker didn't want the countries that made up the Soviet Union to reclaim their individual sovereignties after the colapse, but they did and while certainly not bastions of freedom, many are well on their way. He also spoke out against the division of the Balkans. However, they did divide and have enjoyed a real, albeit tenuous, peace ever since. With that in mind, I have to question the group's conclusion that by Israel effectively giving up the West Bank, Iraq would be more peaceful. My understanding was that the sectarian divides in Iraq were divided on Shia vs. Sunni lines. So Israel has what real effect there?
On the other hand, while the 'top 10'leadership were uninspiring, the advisors that did the grunt work were, well, not inspiring, but definitely balanced and as far as I can tell so far, fit for the task. I guess at this point all I can conclude is I'm suspicious and reluctant to take anything short of first-hand accounts from GOGs at face value.

dammitann said...

i find myself suspicious of anything James Baker says...although bush seems to have primarily blown the report off, so we are back to square one. i agree that Isreal seems ineffective in this situation. all i know, at this is that this problem is not going to be solved by the military.