Wednesday, December 13, 2006

God, I hate Tony Snow.

I was just reading the transcript of yesterday's press "briefing", or as i like to call it, "snowing" and i came across something that set my ears on fire:

Q As the President is sort of making his calculations, is he factoring in sort of what the American people have a stomach for?

MR. SNOW: You know, it's interesting, if you take a look at poll data -- and there's a lot of discussion about that -- what's interesting is that a majority of the American public not only thinks that we're capable of winning, but we should. I think that there is understandable apprehension about the situation in Iraq. And what people want to hear is, how do you assess the situation and how do you wish to address it? And those are questions the President is going to answer.

Excuse me, Tony, but what imaginary polls are you consulting? The one taken in the White House by YOU that morning? I'll give him The "can win" but only on a technicality; and i have no idea where he is getting the "should".

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