Friday, October 20, 2006

oh my God...

it is worse than i thought, or could have ever imagined in Iraq. we have destroyed a country and left them with no hope of rebuilding as we rapidly run out of money and NOTHING is done. our soldiers and Iraqis are dying at an alarming rate and their police have become part of the problem. we are in such a mess at this point that even withdrawing may not be an option. the people of that country suffer and we die a little each day, for what?

$30-40 BILLION! spent on reconstruction.

None- Hospitals built since invasion.

200- Doctors and pharmacists murdered.

15,000- Doctors who have fled abroad.

3,000 out of 18,000 schools refurbished.

5,000 Extra schools needed.

24,000 Pupils who have fled abroad.

72 Iraqi civilian fatalities reported yesterday, YESTERDAY!

US casualties

2,784 killed.

71 this month, we have two weeks left, at this rate it will be a record. a fucking GRIM record.

Iraqi police casualties

4,000 killed.

8,000 wounded in the past two years.

3,000 Iraqi policemen sacked this month.

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