Saturday, October 07, 2006

i'm tired.

honestly, i am. it has become a burden to notice and point out and comment on the follies of an administration and party that is obviously so corrupt, inept, and incompetent, if not criminal, yet, still in power. seriously, why should i be compelled to change minds, if these minds are already so closed off from reality and truth? it's ridiculous. why are we charged with pointing out the shortcomings and foibles and crimes of a clownish party that is so determined to remain blameless and elected? remarkably, still trying to defend themselves? and SUCCEEDING? it's exhausting and futile, if the people we are trying to convince remain paralyzed by some knee jerk loyalty or downright nastiness. i just don't know anymore. i see signs of hope but i still hear this stubborn backlash and it has sapped my zeal. what will it take, America? that is the thought that keeps me up at night. i need a vacation. so, i will be absent for a few days while i try to find a reason to believe, again. peace.

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