Monday, September 25, 2006

new kid in town.

i am new to blogger, i have been subjecting my loyal myspace friends to political rants for a while and i decided it has come down to this, to blog or not to blog? that is the question. the answer, i'm afraid, is, i must blog. i have to get the word out any way i can. i have a website, although, as i discovered recently, there are as many websites as human beings, probably more. that makes having a domain almost a detriment to actually attracting eyeballs to your words. the way the world is turning i feel that i must try to grab as many people's attention as i possibly can. with insight, humor and understanding, we just might overcome this current state of turmoil and leave a world of which we can be proud. together, we can try, anyway, won't you join me?

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